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Episode 4: Choose Wisely. Whistleblower Podcast

Episode 5

The Defense of Tim Donaghy

Tim and the team head up I-95 to New York for a meeting with John Lauro, Donaghy’s defense attorney, and to track down the elusive FBI agents who handled Donaghy’s investigation. We learn that someone from high up may have been pulling the strings to undermine the investigation, even going as far to leak the story to the NY Post.

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Episode 01


Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy is the most disgraced official in sports history, but according to him, he wasn’t the one fixing games… it was the NBA.

Episode 02


Host Tim Livingston heads to Florida for his first face-to-face interview with disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy, but it’s Donaghy’s co-conspirator, Tommy Martino, who reveals new information about the 13-year-old scandal.

Episode 03


Two kids from Delco, Tim Donaghy and Tommy Martino. Our interviews continue with our main subjects and we dive deeper into Donaghy’s claims, attempting to separate the truth from the lies.

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